CDL Helpers was founded in 2010 to begin studying driver turnover and develop tools that carriers could use to address this problem. 

Initially, we  began work with custom spreadsheets, extensive interviews, and manual report generation. We partnered closely with ownership and management leaders at medium and large sized carriers in the Upper Midwest to learn how to build a bridge between what and how drivers communicate about their concerns and needs in the workplace, and what ownership and management needed to have on hand to take action, make changes, and build a better company.

Now, releasing in 2015, we have developed a custom application that allows teams at any carrier or company employing drivers to take Fleet Relationship Management into their own hands. We developed this application under the mentorship and based on the feedback and current systems used by trucking company owners, executives, managers, and retention experts at organizations with anywhere from 120 trucks to more than 2,400+ trucks on the road daily. 

One thing we heard a lot during development and our case studies was how much the teams would prefer a solution that allowed them to collect data themselves, on their own terms, with their own agendas. They didn't want to rely on a third party to engage their drivers. They wanted their already existing team to do it better themselves, and be able to to empower their own team members.

So, we built the ultimate tool to empower teams that manage drivers...


We will relentlessly strive together with our customers to improve the ways in which their teams are able to communicate with their drivers, monitor patterns and insights in those communications, and stay creative in how they build relationships with their drivers as individuals and as a fleet.

By empowering our customers to build better workplaces, we empower them to create a better industry, and we empower their workers to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. A happy, healthy worker population is critical for an industry's health, and a healthy Transportation Industry is critical for the economic success of our nation and local communities.

Location & Development History

In the small Minnesota town of Winona, CDL Helpers was founded by Tucker Robeson and Gareth Miller. Robeson has an Entrepreneurship degree from St. Mary's University of MN, and was briefly an independent recruiter with a firm hiring for more than 30+ carriers nation wide, before going back to graduate school for GIS/Mapping. Having gained more experience working with large data sets preparing for grad school, Robeson took what he learned as a recruiter and built an early model of CDL Helpers. CDL Helpers took on their first customer, and Robeson had to take a leave of absence from graduate school to pursue further development.

Now, a few years later, the team has changed and grown, with several new faces added. We've established partnerships with several of the largest carriers in our home state, with whom we've worked together to develop tools and products that help them build better relationships with their drivers. Not many people outside the Midwest have heard of us quite yet, but we're just getting started. We hope you decide to join us on the adventure!