Our pricing is very straight forward, with no cancellation fees, no term obligations, and adjusts based on what you actually use.

All clients are assigned a primary contact agent responsible for their experience.

They are on call and provide support directly.


Basic - $1000/month

  • Up to 5 Active Users
  • Unlimited Drivers/Use
  • Direct Email Support
  • Live Support M-F
  • Content Generation Support*


Pro - $2000/month

  • Up to 15 Active Users
  • Up to 50 Driver Engagements**
  • Unlimited Drivers/Use
  • Direct Email Support
  • Live Support M-F
  • Content Generation Support*

PRO+ - $2500+/MONTH

  • 15+ Active Users
  • 100+ Driver Engagements**
  • Unlimited Drivers/Use
  • Direct Email Support
  • Live Support M-F
  • Content Generation Support*

Setup - $200

  • Includes 2hrs of live training

Due to the incredible amount of customization for each customer, and the need for a truly invested party internally at the company to be trained on the application and its use, we do require a setup fee. This essentially covers 2 full hours worth of training and full setup of the system including driver importing, category creation, and building out the first study to be undertaken with the new system.

Other Services

Using our system allows us to provide a number of additional services:

  • Short Term Surveying 
  • New Hire Programming
  • Staff Training
  • Fleet Notifications
  • Supplemental Data Support
  • Expanded Turnover Analysis
  • Converting Existing Data Into CDLH Software Entries

*Content Generation Support - We have hundreds of automatically generated charts that adjust based on what you enter, but sometimes, you still need custom materials for meetings, training purposes, or you may just need help learning how to use all your new data! We can help with that and generate custom content based on your data if the existing charts do not cover it.

**Driver Engagements - These are completed interactions (usually by phone, in person, one-on-one) between our team and your drivers each month. Sometimes, this helps in the beginning to gather more data quickly, or use our interactions with your own drivers as training tools to get your team on board and aware of how to use the system.


How Much Time/Energy Will I Need to Put In?

Like all business tools, you will get out what you put into it, and as an owner/executive/senior manager you will be responsible for holding the team accountable for using the tool. 

You probably regularly have conversations with your drivers, right? Can you afford 3-5 minutes on average to log critical pieces of information or subjects discussed when they pop up? Even 10-15 minutes/day logging 2 or 3 items can lead to incredible results and data to share with your team.

How Many People Should Use the Application?

Ownership and Executive level leaders always have access. If you have a retention manager or anyone that does proactive check-ins with your drivers... They need this app! If your team is smaller, or you don’t have anyone with those set job functions, then there are likely key managers you would want to have access. Anyone that could use the ability to rapidly collect data, and then use it to make better strategic or policy decisions should have this app.

How Much Training Will It Take?

About 45min-1hr to cover the software over a live screenshare. Then, like any new tool, it takes 30-45 days to become 100% comfortable using it. Don’t worry. We are right there with you the whole way! We are on-call every day if you have questions. How many sessions of training we do, will depend on how many people use it, and the customer's own needs for training. Usually, we do the first initial training, and then another session a week later. We then continue to stay in touch and provide ongoing assistance, share ideas on how to extract more from the program, etc.

Can I Keep My Data Even If I Don’t Like the App?

Yes. All the entered data is exportable to an Excel spreadsheet. 

Will I have to keep my drivers up-to-date separately?

Yes, but we help you. Currently we do not have integration support with major dispatch software, though you can feel free to suggest that to your current vendor. HOWEVER, we do provide direct support by entering drivers for you and importing them if necessary to save time. These functions are available to users, but we do whatever we can to help you spend more time entering data that matters to you, and you can assign us most of the upkeep. **Note: If drivers switch managers, it takes less than 15 seconds to reassign the the dispatcher/manager and update the driver. Since we do not have direct access to your Operations software, this will need to be done by the internal team. If the manager change is temporary, then updating the driver is unnecessary for logging purposes.**

What if we don't like it?

You can cancel any time without any hassle. We ask for a 30 day notice as a matter of courtesy so we can plan on our end, and make sure to take steps to preserve your data and wind things down responsibly. Our priority is making you glad you decided to give us a chance, even if you don't end up staying. 

Other FAQ's

Our customers help us find other customers, and we also want to hear from you if you don't see your question here! Please let us know below if you have other questions or want to request a customer referral.

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